Bishop Anthony B. Taylor

Birthday: 24 April 1954

Bachelor’s in History – St. Meinrad Seminary College, IN
Ph.D. in Biblical Theology – Fordham University, New York City, NY

Ordination: 2 August 1980
Episcopate: 5 June 2008
Facebook 501-664-0340

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor on the Issues

Viganò testimony

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Amoris Laetitia

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Pro-life leadership

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  • On Respect Life Sunday in 2018, Bishop Taylor led a public Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet in front of a Planned Parenthood center in Fayetteville. (Diocese of Little Rock)
  • In 2018, Bishop Taylor decided not to attend the local March for Life because the keynote speaker at the march, the state’s attorney general, supported the death penalty. Taylor said he asked Arkansas Right to Life to change the speaker but because they didn’t, he said he couldn’t participate. Taylor claimed the Church teaches a “consistent ethic of life” and said “capital punishment must be abolished.” (LifeSiteNews)
  • Bishop Taylor spoke at a pro-immigration rally outside Arkansas’ State Capitol Building alongside Rita Sklar, the Executive Director of ACLU of Arkansas. Both Sklar and the ACLU support abortion and work to expand abortion access. (Arkansas Times)


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Abortion politics

Does not uphold Church teaching on abortion politics
  • In 2018, a Deacon who participated in Bishop Taylor’s youth-focused Weekend for Life conference told the diocesan newspaper that the bishop discussed with teenagers at the conference how abortion is just one of many social justice issues they need to consider when voting for a politician. (Arkansas Catholic)
  • During the homily at his diocese’s 2018 Mass for Life, Bishop Taylor criticized those whom he labeled “merely anti-abortion.” Taylor told the packed Cathedral there are many people who call themselves pro-life but “are not the least bit merciful when it comes to those who are poor, vulnerable and powerless but already outside the womb.” Taylor then claimed many who are anti-abortion lack a consistent ethic of life. (Arkansas Catholic)


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“LGBT” ideology

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  • Bishop Taylor told the founder of an “LGBT Catholic” support group erected in his diocese in 2018 that he supports and endorses their work. The group’s founder said Bishop Taylor told her that “when you grow up Catholic you do hear negative attributes on people who are LGBT.” The group uses Fr. James Martin’s LGBT-themed book as its guide. (Arkansas Catholic)
  • Pro-gay Vatican adviser Fr. James Martin spoke to young people at the Diocese of Little Rock’s headquarters via Skype on November 9, 2017. In his remarks, Martin urged attendees to embrace his pro-LGBT beliefs. Bishop Taylor attended the event as well. (Arkansas Catholic)
  • In 2016, Bishop Taylor’s diocese issued an addendum to the student handbook used by Catholic schools statewide. The addendum re-stated Catholic teaching against the LGBT agenda. The addendum called on students to live chastely, disallowed advocacy for homosexuality, and requires students to live according to their biological sex. (Think Progress)


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  • In 2016, Taylor rebuked Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, after the Cardinal called on priests to celebrate mass ad orientem. Taylor wrote a letter to the priests in his diocese saying that outside of the Latin Mass, he expects them to “always” celebrate mass facing the people. (Church Militant)

Marriage and Family Life

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  • In 2014, Bishop Taylor filed an amicus brief with the Arkansas Supreme Court calling on the court to uphold the state’s 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. (LifeSiteNews)


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