In September 2018, a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago burned a rainbow LGBT “pride” flag and prayed exorcism prayers with several parishioners in response to news about homosexual abuse going on in the Church. The ceremony was in defiance of Cardinal Blase Cupich. The priest told PJ that two priests from Chicago’s Vicar for Priests Office warned him not to burn the flag. The priest said the Office had a message from Cardinal Cupich. “They said, ‘the cardinal wants you to know three things. First, you are not to burn the flag and if you do you should know there are canonical penalties for disobeying the cardinal. Second, you have put in a transfer request to move closer to your parents and that will not happen if you do this. Thirdly, the cardinal thinks you should get a psychological evaluation.” Bishop Raica, who had previously said he would allow the priest to serve ad experimentum in his diocese, withdrew his acceptance of the priest.